Wednesday, June 4, 2008

City slicker

Ooh, how fun it is to change the surrounding - for a time at least.

Yesterday I arrived in Atlanta, after 7.5 months in Puerto Rico, living on the beach and in the rainforest. I did enjoy it - and will enjoy it again, but
recently the rain forest had became somewhat less than fun: when the torrential rains started about two weeks ago, the water in the casita lost pressure ( I know, it does not seem logical, that outside rain should cause a shortage of water inside, but such are the quirks of an ad hoc rural water system) so that in order to take a shower I had to soap up, shampoo... and then run outside to rinse off in the rain (thankfully, no neighbors, so I could "indulge" freely).

Worse yet, with rains tons of bugs moved inside through every imaginable opening and I have been bitten not only by ants and mosquitos but also by this somewhat hairy spider - and that hurt!
And with that my rainforest adventure got definitively less enjoyable.

So it was with an utmost pleasure and anticipation of a 4-6 weeks of a big city life, that I enthusiastically packed my city clothes, which I hardly had a chance to wear in Puerto Rico - except for an occassional trip to San Juan.
Upon arrival I thoroughly enjoyed my daughter's creative dining room redo - a party tent (see above), a candlelight dinner

with good food, great wines and lovely company
I enjoyed sleeping in my old - but oh, so comfy - bed

admiring my daughter's prize winning fashion design:

and a tiny part of her fabulous shoe collection

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