Monday, June 23, 2008


Since we are on Granada's coast, let's make a short excursion up the mountains to Granada. Here are a few pictures of Granada from above.

I have to admit that the clean, color unified (predominantly white walls, red roofs) Granada - and other Spanish towns and villages - appeal to me a LOT more than the assault of exaggerated forms and colors of Puerto Rico.

(Of course it is likely due to my European cultural conditioning, but I can't help it. I DO try to enjoy visual cacophony to be more open minded... and I got this far that I intellectually understand it...but am still unable to emotionally appreciate it. )

Spanish towns and villages appear elegant, Puerto Rican appear visually cacophonic.
So let's enjoy the views of Granada, when we can.

Tomorrow we shall go visit Alhambra.


Speaking Boricua said...

Haha... cacophony is a great word to describe Puerto Rico. Especially since the "gangster" hip-hop kids are known as cacos, from that word.

Nice pictures, by the way. Not just today's but your last few entries have all had beautiful photos.

Minerva said...

Lucky me, I did not know about cacos - not in the habit of listening to hip hop - if i can avoid it.
Give me Chopin anytime (or Bach, or Vivaldi), hold hip hop and whatever noise pollution passes for music nowadays ( I am aging myself tremendously by posting this, lol). ;-)
Thanks for the compliment about my photos.

Speaking Boricua said...

No, it's not so old. I grew up playing viola so classical music is fine with me. Although I am not a fan of Vivaldi, all his music is nearly the same thing. Ugh.

You don't have to listen to hip-hop though to identify cacos... they're everywhere. ;)

Minerva said...

lol, that's why I probably can not always avoid hearing them.