Sunday, June 8, 2008

Blue and yellow

Friday, June 6th was a Swedish national day and all Swedish clubs in Atlanta celebrated it at a party at Emory University.

Swedish National Day is a recent tradition. It was established as late as 1983 and at the same day the Swedish national costume was introduced by no other than Silvia, queen of Sweden.

Thus at the Atlanta celebration some women, including the honorary consul of Sweden in Atlanta, wore the most recent version of the Swedish National costume.

Many more people, however, both men and women, tried to incorporate in their clothing the colors of the Swedish flag: blue and yellow, because Swedish National Day was previously celebrated as Swedish flag day.

Thus the party was full of guys in navy blue suits with either yellow shirts or ties and ladies in blue and yellow dresses and ensembles. The room was really blue and yellow, or as the Swedes say "blaagul" when they mean quintessentially Swedish.

Songs were also very Swedish, and so was the food served at the party:
smoked and marinated salmon (lax),

Jansson's temptation (a baked dish of matchstick potatoes and anchovies with onions and cream),

Swedish meatballs with lingonberry preserves,
crisp bread and cheeses.


Petra H said...

Yummy, it looks very tasty and makes me really want to go home NOW! Well, I'm heading off the island as well - on Wednesday next week, to Sweden of course! Hopefully we will both escape some of that very humid and sticky July weather that everybody warns me about!

Minerva said...

Grattis foer att du ska fira Midsommar i Sverige!
Jag skall ocksaa till Sverige men inte tididare aen in Juli... och aer inte riktigt glad oever detta: skulle foeredra att aaka dit i September, plocka lingon och svamp. Jag aelskar svensk hoest saa... men paaboerjar ett nytt projekt i Puerto Rico daa, saa jag maaste aaka oaver sommaren :-((