Sunday, June 29, 2008

Guava pastries

Here I am enjoying my coffee and my guava puff pastry at a reposteria.

It is Sunday afternoon and I am tempted to have something sweet with my coffee. I had brunch around 10:30 and now it seems like a long time ago... but dinner will be served no sooner than in 4 hours.
I open the fridge, look around.... and see two big, round cans of guava paste I brought for my daughter.

She is the one, who discovered a neighborhood reposteria with great Guava pastries when she visited me in PR in November.... and initially it was just her who ate the pastries while I was trying to be close to 100% on living food diet. But once I tried them, boy.... anytime she drove by that reposteria after that my percentage points of living food went definitively down! But every now and then those pastries are worth going off your diet for a brief moment :-)

Daughter is braving the weather right now, playing a tennis match, and will arrive hungry in about half an hour, so I decide to bake those guava pastries for her...and for myself, too, ;-) OK, OK, I'll use the light variety of the paste, if you insist.

I quickly check the freezer: hurrah, there is frozen puff pastry in here.

Thus in less than an hour we shall be enjoying our gourmet Puertorican coffee with freshly baked Puertorican guava pastries.

Please, drop in, join us :-) . You are very welcome!

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